About Us

Our journey started about 10 years ago, when the first gluten free bakery products appeared on the shelves everywhere. They were long shelf life products, very innovative for the time but let's be Just about it... they had a long way to go to look and taste like a real bread!

At Just: Gluten Free Bakery we believe that gluten free bakery products can be as good as standard wheat products, or better! Our Team are hard-working, very individual people all passionate about gluten free baking and joined by the same goal: to do it Justice!

Our approach is fresh but the methods we use are traditional to give you good, tasty products with a homemade feel. We hope our creative approach to gluten free baking will pleasantly surprise you!

Minimum order value of £12 (excluding P&P) applies to each transaction for delivery service. No minimum order for collection.
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